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Karl Johnson

Posted: 10 August 2022

I did my FdSc here in Biochemistry. I chose to come here as I needed a career change and the convenience of UCNL prompted me.

On completion I went to the University of Lincoln to top-up for 2 years completing BSc Biomedical Science. I went to Lincoln due to the course being accredited by the IBMS.

My advice to anyone would be to go and better themselves. Think outside the box and take the leap to continue in a current career or like me, have a complete career change.

During my graduation I gave the student vote of thanks to the congregation because my head of program nominated me. I was nominated due to me over coming a number of hurdles during my degree. But despite it all I continued and made him and the  team proud.

I am already using my degree in my new role here and I will be contributing to a number of research project in the near future.