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Posted: 10 August 2022

In July of 1983 I left school at 15, and was very fortunate to have gained a place as an apprentice chef in the Army Catering Corps. My military career took me on an amazing journey with lots of variety.

After 5 years serving as a chef with The Parachute Regiment, I decided to change trades and transferred to the 17th/21st Lancers as a tank crewman. After leaving the military, I had a varied employment history in civilian life however, the challenge of returning to academic studies was probably the most daunting thing I had done since leaving the army. It was certainly an uphill battle to engage in the academic writing and steep learning curve of university studies.

I loved history, even finding myself talking about issues that had occurred in my lifetime, whilst in the classroom.

Amazing lecturers, fantastic support network and well worth the experience, even though I was a few years late!