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Social Science

The BA (Hons) Social Science offers you the chance to study locally for a highly respected degree awarded by the University of Lincoln but by living and studying close to home. Dedicated Higher Education facilities together with good access to learning resources means that you don’t have to travel far to enjoy a high quality education. We offer a structured approach to study, which provides a rigorous yet enjoyable undergraduate experience.

The course considers a wide range of contemporary social issues and concerns such as poverty, homelessness, environmental problems and crime with a good balance between theory and evidence. Using the disciplines of Criminology, Politics, Social Policy, Social Theory and Research and Study Skills the BA Social Science considers both the causes of such problems and how they may be tackled. We expect you to make an impact to the course by giving you the opportunity to develop your own interests and pose your own questions, all in a relaxed but stimulating environment.

Our Social Science courses