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English and History

The BA (Hons) English and History Studies is a highly respected degree awarded by the University of Lincoln but delivered locally here at the University Campus North Lincolnshire (UCNL).

The study of English takes a dynamic look at various texts to understand the role they play in society and culture. You will look at not only how literature reflects the world, but how it shapes, impacts and argues with it. Alongside this, the study of History will look at the past, to see what issues, struggles and lives shaped the world we live in. A study of the past is vital for understanding the present, and our place in it.

Together these two fascinating fields reveal the relationship between literature, the past, society and ourselves, and you will develop sophisticated critical, analytical, and communication skills to understand and argue complex and vital issues. The skills you acquire are also in demand in the world of work at a graduate level.

This exciting programme offers you the opportunity to explore a wide number of texts, stories and events from throughout history. You will be taught by and work with staff who are specialists in their field and committed to teaching excellence. We have a range of fascinating and varied modules, and you will be encouraged to undertake your own research and pursue your own literary and historic interests, and to discover new ones that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Our English and History courses