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How to Apply

Stage 1 – Make your choice(s)

This stage can seem daunting – there are a huge number of courses, higher education institutes and universities out there to research. Take a look at our website, request a prospectus or a range of course leaflets, you might not start off with a particular course in mind so draw a shortlist of subject areas that spark your interest and research from there.

Use our information events to gather as much information about the courses, campus and facilities. These events can be particularly helpful when starting to discover which course or university is for you. Popping along to have a chat with staff and students, and get a feel for the campus buildings will all inform your decision and can easily help you break down your choices into a shortlist.

Stage 2 – Make an online enquiry

If you’d like to know more about a course, click the enquire button on the page of the course you wish to apply for. You will then be asked to fill out a short form to help us speed up the process. Once we have your details, you can sit back and relax whilst you wait for one of our friendly and experienced staff to get in touch to answer any questions you have and guide you through the process of what to do next, whether that’s arranging an informal chat with the course lecturer or helping you with the next step of the application process.

Stage 3 – Applying

As a general guide, applications can be made via UCAS between September and late January. Please check the UCAS website for further information. We do consider applications throughout the year, although the earlier you submit, the earlier you will receive a decision and can start to plan accordingly if you are studying around any work or family commitments. Simple follow the step above if you are applying after the UCAS deadline.

The UCAS Code for the DN Colleges Group is: N64
Campus Code: N (The University Campus North Lincolnshire (UCNL)

Stage 4 – Offers

Once UCAS receives an application form, it will be passed on to us along with your applicant UCAS ID number, which both you and us can use to track the progress of the application. This number is vitally important – please keep the details safe and easily accessible.

Application responses should start to be received from between November and May and will be one of three types of responses:

  • Unconditional offer: You will be accepted regardless of final grades or have provided enough work-related evidence/experience to support your application to the study the course.
  • Conditional offer: You will be accepted on the condition that you achieve a minimum UCAS points tariff.
  • Unsuccessful application: Unfortunately, we have decided not to offer a place.

Stage 5 – Make your decision

If you receive one or more offers from us or a different university, you can decide on where to accept.

You can make one firm acceptance, the one which is your preferred choice, and one insurance choice. The insurance choice typically has a lower UCAS tariff point requirement.

If you accept an unconditional offer, then you must decline all other offers.

The deadline for making your decision will depend on the date you received the last offer; you will be informed about this date at the same time your offer is made.

Stage 6 – Results day

Exam results are published in late August. Once you have your results confirmed and therefore, your tariff points, you can check on UCAS Track to see if you have been accepted for you chosen course. We will also be in contact with you via email or text message confirming acceptance.

Stage 7 – Clearing

If you did not meet the conditions of your offer(s), or didn’t receive any offers, you can still find a place through clearing.

If you meet or exceed the conditions of your firm choice, you will have the opportunity to reconsider where and what to study and can register for adjustment in UCAS Track or by contacting us directly.

Stage 8 – Joining us

From late August / early September, we will contact you with all the relevant information about enrolling and what to expect from the first few weeks.

Then all that’s left is to get ready for the life and career changing experiences!

Need some advice?

If you’re unsure about any step along the way with choosing, applying, or enrolling with us, we’re here to help you.

Contact us for advice and guidance