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Ex-Armed Forces

Are you ex-armed forces? Do you have a wealth of skills and knowledge you’ve acquired during your career? Looking for a new challenge in the civilian world? Under the Enhanced Learning Credits scheme, ex-armed forces personnel can earn up to two thirds of an undergraduate degree and up to two thirds of a Masters degree, based on the training and knowledge they acquired while serving. Find out about the scheme and what you need to do next here.

The scheme assesses your skills and experience, and even includes those acquired without formal training. You don’t necessarily need to have any formal qualifications such as GCSEs or A Levels to start a course, every one of our applicants are assessed on an individual basis when they apply to us so if a course area or single course is of interest to you contact us to discuss your options and start finding a new career in the civilian world.

Please note applications for these courses do take longer than standard UCAS applications, so please apply as soon as possible to ensure you can start in the earliest possible academic year.