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Apply Directly Through Our Website

Apply Direct

UCNL Direct allows prospective full-time and part-time students who are only interested in applying to University Campus North Lincolnshire, to apply directly to us without having to complete lengthy, and sometimes complex, application forms.

To apply direct to University Campus North Lincolnshire, you must satisfy the following criteria:

You only wish to apply to University Campus North Lincolnshire (if you would like to apply to more than one institution, you must apply via UCAS)

You must not have previously applied through UCAS this year (we will complete this on your behalf)

Why apply direct?

If you are considering only applying to us, there are lots of reasons why applying direct is the best option.

  • No application fees – we will submit your undergraduate application to UCAS on your behalf
  • No need for a full personal statement only a brief statement is required
  • We aim to respond within 48 hours

What’s Next?

Chose a course, click apply direct and one of our specialist team members will be in touch.

University Campus North Lincolnshire – Subject Areas (ucnl.ac.uk)