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We offer a wide range of Higher Education programmes, right here in the heart of Scunthorpe. So come and study at UCNL (University Campus North Lincolnshire).

If you are looking for a full-time or part-time course in Higher Education to study at UCNL, look no further as we explain the process of how to apply. You'll be on the path to success in no time at all!

All applications for entry to full time programmes must be made through the national Universities and College Admissions Service (UCAS)

When: as a general guide, applications can be made to UCAS between September and mid-January. Please check their website ( for further information. We do consider applications throughout the year, although the earlier you submit, the earlier you will receive a decision and can start to plan accordingly.

How: Once you have found the perfect course on the study at UCNL page and you are ready to apply, you have a couple of options:

  • (Recommended) Make An Online Enquiry

    Click the enquire button next to the course you wish to apply for. You will then be asked to fill out a form to help us speed up the process. Once we have your details, you can sit back and relax whilst you wait for one of our friendly and experienced staff to get in touch and guide you through the process.

  • Contact Us

    You can also contact us directly with any queries you may have. Simply head over to our contact page and choose your preferred method.

  • UCAS

    Alternatively, you can head directly to the UCAS website:

    Please use the following details to find us on the UCAS website:

    The UCAS Code for the DN Colleges Group is: N64 (The University Campus North Lincolnshire (UCNL)

    Campus Code:
    N (UCNL) 
    Campus Code: D (University Centre Doncaster) 

Please note that UCNL is part of the DN Colleges Group.

Once you have submitted your application, UCAS will send copies to all of your selected institutions.


Each will make a decision based on your application, and may invite you for an interview.


If we can offer you a place on a course, the offer will be communicated via UCAS TRACK.


If you are unable to meet the entry requirements for your chosen course, an institution could also offer you an alternative course, or will provide you with feedback about why they were unable to offer you a place.


If you receive an offer, it will either be:

  • Conditional – you must meet certain conditions which are usually based on exam results.
  • Unconditional – you have been accepted without any further conditions.

Offers should be accepted or declined. You may accept an offer as Firm or Insurance.

  • Firm is your preferred choice.
  • Insurance is your back-up choice.

All applications for part-time programmes should be made directly to UCNL, using a Higher Education Part Time Application form. This is available by emailing Alternatively, click the ‘enquire’ button located next to the course you wish to apply for.

Loans for tuition fees are available to full-time and part-time students (subject to current Government funding criteria), from Student Finance England and are known as 'Tuition Fee Loans'.


You will need to ensure that student finance is in place prior to the start of your course to ensure payments for tuition fees and maintenance grants are made in a timely fashion.

Please visit for more information and guidance. Should you need some assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

UCNL has a range of financial support awards available for students. These include:

  • The Student Opportunity Fund
    This is also referred to as the Hardship Fund and is an amount of money UCNL holds in order to allocate to students facing financial hardship and difficulty. Applications to the fund can be made from late October throughout the academic year. This is NOT a loan and is not repayable.To qualify you must have applied for a student loan. If following this, you are still in hardship you may apply to the fund for help. Following a standard assessment, you may qualify for a termly payment based upon attendance or if you have an unexpected large expense you may qualify for a non-standard award to help towards the cost.Additionally, students facing unexpected financial difficulties may be eligible for a short term repayable loan. Information can be provided by the UCNL Information and Advice office.
  • Bursaries Students may also be able to apply for a number of financial bursaries. These include awards available to students who are care leavers and those from low participation neighbourhoods. Please note that there is a limited number of awards available. For further details, please contact the Information and Advice office.
  • Council Tax Certificates Exemption certificates can be arranged for full-time Students only. Please contact the UCNL Information and Advice Office for further details.

We encourage all students to become members of The Student Society which is proactively involved in UCNL and creates the opportunity for students to provide feedback and share ideas and suggestions with regards to their student experience. The Student Society allows students the chance to develop their interests, to network and engage with other students and staff, to work in partnership with UCNL to achieve goals and to discuss their student experience.

We are always trying to find creative and innovate ways of inspiring our students to enhance their experience. In previous years the Student Society has been engaged in UCNL's first student-led conference, 'UCNL's Got Talent', has helped develop UNCL’s LGBTQ+ Group and has been responsible for providing a forum to discuss student suggestions, leading to changes such as the introduction of microwaves in the Bistro for HE students. 

If you think that you could make a real difference and would like to join, please come to one of our advertised meetings or ask your Programme Leader about who you go to for more information.

This Student Charter has been developed in partnership between staff, students and members of the Student Society, setting out ways in which everyone will work together to make your time at UCNL enjoyable, successful and rewarding.

If you are interested in viewing our Student Charter follow this link.

Our Higher Education Programmes you can study at UCNL, sit under one of three departments:

Health, Life and Social Science

Home to Level 4 to Level 6 programmes in: Counselling, Social Science, Health & Social Care and Sport and Exercise as well as Animal Welfare Science and BioSciences.

Business, Education and Professional Development

Home to Level 4 to Level 6 higher education programmes in: Business and Management and Teacher Training.

Engineering and Technology

Home to Level 4 to Level 6 programmes in: Engineering, Computing and Construction.

Information for new/returning students

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Our Subject Areas:

Animal Welfare Science

Awarded by The University Of Hull. Our Animal Welfare Science programme enables students to gain practical experience alongside their academic studies. Specific emphasis is given to the importance of animal...
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Awarded by Sheffield Hallam University. The Bioscience and Biochemistry programmes provide students with the opportunity to focus on specific fields of study within the world of science.  Both programmes encapsulate...
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Business and Management

Awarded by The University of Lincoln. The Business and Management portfolio offers a variety of programmes awarded by the University of Lincoln but delivered locally here at the University Campus...
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Awarded by The University of Lincoln. Our Computer Science and Games Computing courses result in the award of a Higher National Diploma (HND) by the University of Lincoln but are...
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Awarded by Pearson. At UCNL we pride ourselves on having a reputation in delivering qualifications that support students to achieve within a learning environment that covers both academic study and...
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Awarded by The University Of Hull. The Counselling programme prepares students with the knowledge and skills required of a counselling practitioner.
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Early Childhood and Education

Awarded by The University of Hull.    Childhood is a short period of rapid development where highly skilled practitioners enhance children’s experiences, resulting in improved outcomes for children. Awarded by...
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Awarding bodies: the University of Lincoln and Pearson. UCNL offer a combined wealth of lecturing experience along with first class facilities in which to study and complete practical elements that...
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English and History

Awarded by The University of Lincoln. The BA (Hons) English and History Studies is a highly respected degree awarded by the University of Lincoln but delivered locally here at the...
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Health & Social Care

Awarded by The University of Hull. The Health and Social Care degree offers a flexible and vocationally relevant course ideal for individuals who may be interested in working within the...
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Hospitality Management

Awarded by Pearson. The HNC and HND Hospitality and Management programmes aim to help those who are looking to start a career in the Hospitality industry or would like to...
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Social Science

Awarded by The University of Lincoln. The BA (Hons) Social Science offers you the chance to study locally for a highly respected degree awarded by the University of Lincoln but...
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Sport and Exercise

Awarded by The University Of Hull. Focusing on key knowledge and skills relevant to the health, fitness and sport industry, graduates will be skilled in their relevant area, understanding the...
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Teacher Training

Awarded by The University Of Huddersfield. Our Full Time Pre-Service and Part Time In-Service PGCE are highly respected Initial Teacher Training qualifications awarded by the University of Huddersfield but delivered...
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