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The UCNL Library

A warm welcome to the Library at UCNL. Here we can offer you an environment that is relaxing, friendly and a bit of a safe haven to work in away from the hustle and bustle of your busy lives.

We want you to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience while you are with us, and our door is always open to suggestions on how to improve our services.

So don’t be shy, come in, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy your learning experience.

UCNL Library Opening Times – Term Time

Monday – Thursday 08:30– 21:00

Friday 08:30 – 16:00

For all enquiries, call 01724 294164 or email library@northlindsey.ac.uk

Please note: The UCNL Library is not open over the weekends.

UCNL Library Opening Times – Half Term

23 – 27 October 23

Monday – Thursday 08:30– 1900

Friday 08:30 – 16:00