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The Fast and the Curious – FAST-A-THON followed by IFTAR in the park


The month of Ramadan is approaching, and Muslims around the world will be fasting from Dawn to Dusk. In the spirit of community:

This is an open invitation to businesses and the people of Scunthorpe to fast with the Muslim community.

Everyone is welcome to fast, learn more about Ramadan, observe prayer and to enjoy a free Iftar (breaking of the fast) dinner


Thank you for pledging to fast with millions of other Muslims around the world  and the Muslim community here in North Lincolnshire and for agreeing to go hungry for a day so someone else won’t have to! Please use this link to access a further information leaflet

As you may be aware, during Ramadan Muslims fast for 30 days from dawn to dusk. Fasting includes refraining from all food and drink, even water and smoking. It also includes refraining from sexual activity. Furthermore, it’s about trying to stop the negative things in your life which you do and focusing on more positive things, enhancing your gratitude mindset, whilst also developing empathy for those less fortunate. It is about becoming connected with other human beings, locally and globally. It’s more of a mental detox than a physical one!

As part of this pledge we are asking you to donate your lunch money as a minimum (you may wish to get sponsored to raise more money) to Scunthorpe Foodbank and join us in not eating or drinking for one day, but to also think about others who are less fortunate and to detox from those things in life that seem stressful. We want you to feel pride in your ability to self-control. There are restrictions to fasting, please see the bottom of the page to see if any apply to you

  • For the full experience pledge to fast from 5.05am until 7.39pm
  • Or pledge to fast symbolically:
  • 7.30am-7.39pm

We want you to remain Fast and Curious! Not Fast and Furious!

This is not a race, do whatever you are comfortable with, it is a self-challenge.

Please note: If you choose to fast from 5.05am you should wake up to eat and drink at 4.30am and then go back to sleep. Furthermore, if at any-time you feel unwell there is no shame in breaking your fast

There are certain restrictions to fasting, these include:

  • If you have medical conditions
  • If you have a period
  • If you are breast feeding
  • If you are pregnant

If one of the above restrictions apply to you, you should not fast, but you could pledge to support someone else, and you are welcome to join us for dinner.

If you have any questions please contact gillian.reid@northlindsey.ac.uk or farzana.khanum@northlincs.gov.uk

Attend this event

Date: March 30, 2023
Time: 19:30 - 20:30
Location: UCNL

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