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Accessibility Statement

University Campus North Lincolnshire is committed to being an inclusive and accessible organisation. We designed and developed our website to meet web standards and practices to ensure the website itself and content included on it is as accessible as possible.

How we test our website

During development of any new content or feature, we use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 to inform design and development. We also periodically test our website using the online testing tools recommended by gov.uk. Any issues raised or flagged by the online tests are manually checked and corrected if required.

We also respond to user reports where issues are raised. Please see details under the section: Reporting a problem.

Non-accessible content


Our websites include some legacy content developed or created prior to our current website. We know some of this content does not meet web standards and are gradually removing this content piece by piece. These areas of content are outlined here.


Some of our older PDFs do not meet accessibility standards – for example, they may not be fully accessible to a screen reader. We are working to replace all of this content where possible, and all new content created for the website is designed to be available in multiple formats.

In particular, the documents contained on our Policies and Procedures page is under review (correct as of August 2022) and we are working to transform these documents into web format and accessible by nature.


Occasionally we have produced or been provided with externally produced artwork where text is placed over images and the text size may not be as large as we would like. This will be avoided at all where possible and we will ensure that any information displayed in this manner is also available in an accessible format on the page.

Recent and Upcoming Changes

Recent changes

  • August 2022 – New website launched

Upcoming changes

  • October 2022 – All policy and procedural documents will be converted to web page format in accessible structure and reviewed against WCAG standards.

Our Online Learning Platforms

We use a number of systems to provide online learning content and communication. Primarily, these are Canvas, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365. You can find out more about the accessibility statements for these services using the following links:

Content on our Online Learning Platforms

We’re aware that some content on our online learning platforms may not be fully accessible in its current state.

We intend to publish our own accessibility information about content we produce for the online learning platforms following a full audit of the existing and upcoming materials.

If you have any difficulties with accessing content via our online learning content, please speak to your tutor or use the information provided below.

Reporting Problems

If you find any problems that are not listed on this page or think we are not meeting the requirements of the accessibility regulations, please contact us via our Feedback and Complaints page.

Enforcement Procedure