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UCNL celebrates diversity through art to mark Interfaith Week 2023

Posted: 21 November 2023

The DN Colleges Group’s University Campus North Lincolnshire (UCNL) recently hosted a vibrant ‘Children and Young People’s Art Competition’ event to celebrate Interfaith Week 2023.

The event received more than 400 entries from schools, colleges, faith groups and individuals within the community, all of which were showcased at the UCNL campus and judged by an impartial panel to name several winners across the four different age categories, spanning from age 5 to age 16.

Event organiser and Head of School for Health, Education and Sport at DN College’s Group, Gillian Reid said: “I was overwhelmed with the number of entries for the Interfaith Art Competition, it was fantastic that so many schools locally encourage children to enter.

“The creative artistic masterpieces highlighted unity, guided by the theme ‘We have more in common that which divides us’, which is such an important lesson to bring peace and understanding. Even if we believe different things, we all share kindness, compassion and humanity and the artwork told this story, portraying differences whilst celebrating commonalities,” she added.

In addition to the hundreds of local entries, a particularly special submission came all the way from India with two students from Kalvi Global Nursery and Primary School, Madurai, hearing about the competition on the group’s social media channels.

Farzana Khanum, Public Health Manager at North Lincolnshire Council and one of two event judges, commented: “The event provided a great opportunity to add value to the learning of the children during Interfaith Week. Those who were chosen as the winners presented artworks that shared the powerful message on how we have far more in common than what divides us and how faith can unite us.  Some of the winning artwork displayed collaborative working from pupils from different cultures and backgrounds delivering the same message of their interpretation on how faith adds connectivity.”

Twelve winners were announced on the night and presented with art kits to inspire future creations as well as a cash prize, which was kindly donated by the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education ‘SACRE’ for donating cash prizes to the winning schools and faith groups that participated,” added Farzana.

Many thanks to those who entered from; North Lindsey College, John Leggott College, The Islamic Centre, The St Lawrence Academy, Crosby Primary School, Crowle Primary Academy, Outwood Academy Brumby Junior, Lincoln Gardens Primary School, Scunthorpe C of E, Worlaby Primary Academy and St Norbert’s Primary Voluntary Academy.