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UCNL launch scholarship initiative ‘New Perspectives’

Posted: 24 January 2020

The University Campus North Lincolnshire (UCNL) have launched a working partnership with charity Hope Opportunity Trust (HOT) to support local students to access scholarships at public school.

The New Perspectives programme is a joint project led by UCNL, HOT, Royal National Children’s Springboard Foundation, Humber Outreach Programme (HOP), the DN Colleges Group and ONGO. The programme targets local school children from the age of 16, following completion of Year 11, to access scholarships at elite boarding schools such as Eton and Rugby.

The Royal National Children’s Springboard Foundation supports families right across the UK to apply for a bursary to provide full or part sponsorship of their fees which could see them progress onto one of a handful of prestigious institutions.

A number of students in our region who possess good academic abilities along with talents in subject such as music and sport may be able to access these scholarships through the New Perspectives programme, if it can be demonstrated that they would benefit from a boarding education.

Those looking to apply must fulfil certain criteria and be nominated by their current school head.

Simon Henderson, Head Master at Eton College said, “Eton has made school places free of charge to deserving students since our foundation in 1440, we are very proud that there are over 80 boys currently in the school who pay no fees.”

John Denny, co-founder at Hope Opportunity Trust said, “Students with talent, ambition and potential shouldn’t be held back by limited opportunity or personal circumstances.

We have seen the young people who are right for this opportunity exceed their expectations themselves, whatever their background and Eton along with our many other public school partners do a great job of helping them to excel. There’s a really positive knock-on effect in their communities too, as the bar to young people’s ambitions is raised.”

Mick Lochran, Deputy CEO of DN Colleges Group and Principal of North Lindsey College said, “Our Group mission focusses on transforming our communities, as such we’re proud to be the first provider in our region to work with the Hope Opportunity Trust to support local students to access scholarships that will have a measureable impact on their lives.”

Caroline Fielder-Shattell, Head of Access and Participation Development at the UCNL said, “The New Perspectives programme is only possible because of the support offered by our sponsors. It’s with real pride that the team leading on this project are able to bring this to the region and we hope to support a wide range of students access life changing educational opportunities.”

The launch event is open to invited guests only with a wider roll out of the project to the community in 2020.