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We are proud to offer a wide choice of courses, all designed and delivered to help people from every background transform their life through the benefits of education. Our mission and passion are about helping you succeed. Explore our courses or get in touch to find out more. We can’t wait to meet you!

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UCNL is a custom designed higher education learning facility located alongside Central Park on the outskirts of Scunthorpe town centre. We host an innovative Institute of Technology, modern business and community networking areas, and high-quality teaching space. We partner with employers, leading universities, and national training experts to offer courses that meet local and regional needs.

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I did my FdSc here in Biochemistry. I chose to come here as I needed a career change and the convenience of UCNL prompted me.

On completion I went to the University of Lincoln to top-up for 2 years completing BSc Biomedical Science. I went to Lincoln due to the course being accredited by the IBMS.

My advice to anyone would be to go and better themselves. Think outside the box and take the leap to continue in a current career or like me, have a complete career change.

During my graduation I gave the student vote of thanks to the congregation because my head of program nominated me. I was nominated due to me over coming a number of hurdles during my degree. But despite it all I continued and made him and the  team proud.

I am already using my degree in my new role here and I will be contributing to a number of research project in the near future.

Karl Johnson FdSc Biochemistry
Karl Johnson


The lecturers are great, as it is a smaller class they know you on a personal level. When giving feedback to your work instead of being just a number they understand your personality and personal needs.

In terms of support, I get loads! As I have dyslexia I have been given support to access all of the software available to support me and one-to-ones when I need them.

I am considering my options career wise, these include the police, probation, family support officer and prison officer. I love  helping people and making a difference so these roles would suit me

Natalie BA Social Science


In July of 1983 I left school at 15, and was very fortunate to have gained a place as an apprentice chef in the Army Catering Corps. My military career took me on an amazing journey with lots of variety.

After 5 years serving as a chef with The Parachute Regiment, I decided to change trades and transferred to the 17th/21st Lancers as a tank crewman. After leaving the military, I had a varied employment history in civilian life however, the challenge of returning to academic studies was probably the most daunting thing I had done since leaving the army. It was certainly an uphill battle to engage in the academic writing and steep learning curve of university studies.

I loved history, even finding myself talking about issues that had occurred in my lifetime, whilst in the classroom.

Amazing lecturers, fantastic support network and well worth the experience, even though I was a few years late!

Andy BA (Hons) English and History
Andy posing wearing graduate mortar board cap, and gown with a blue and yellow trimmed hood around neck and shoulders